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Leap of Faith Copy That of Absolutely and Absolutely Buy Bust


                           Copy & Buster      

How about kittens from our stunning girl LEAP OF FAITH COPY THAT?   We are anxiously waiting to make that happen!   Expecting new little ones in early September, we bred our lovely girl COPY with our BIG boy ABSOLUTELY BUY BUST.   What do we expect from these two ... kittens with really outgoing temperaments, size-struccture-bone, tons of glitter, beautiful red colors and exceptional black outlined rosettes; all in all they will have it ALL.



Leap of Faith Copy

An exceptional example of a lovely brown spotted Bengal with extreme outlined rosettes she is our "jungle girl" and we are so thankful our friend Angie (Leap of Faith) was willing to share not only "Copy" but her sister "Flash" with us.   Copy (shown above) will share not only a wonderful spotting pattern with her little ones, but beautiful structure and a temperament that cannot be beat!   She is a lap cat and we know we can COPY THAT !!





Please don't hesitate to contact us if  you are looking for information about this marvelous breed of spotted cat!   With over 25+ years of experience breeding, raising, and showing bengal cats, we will be more than happy to share our thoughts and experiences with you.   There is simply nothing like being owned by an "ABSOLUTELY"  bengal cat!

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Our babies are born and remain members of our family until it is time for them to leave for their new  homes.   They supervise all aspects of our daily living!    Raising top quality, healthy, happy bengals is an expensive, time consuming labor of love!   We remain passionate and dedicated to providing our cats and kittens with the best care possible.   We feed top quality foods and all our adults are routinely  tested for applicable genetic diseases.   Our babies are social, outgoing,  loved and loving, extremely  clean, fat and happy!   They come home with an extensive health guarantee ready to live and love life!       

We want every bengal cat and kitten born to have the same chance ... a forever family.   PLEASE choose your breeder with the utmost of dedication, study and care.  The decision to bring a new bengal cat or kitten into your home should truly be a forever one.  Please don't let location, price, or that quick "deal" influence your final decision.   Find a breeder that will care and help you before, during, and after your new bengal comes home.     

We look forward to helping everyone adopt their "bengal vision"    






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