Absolutely AKA Jammer     Leap of Faith Flash Bang of AbsolutelyAbsolutely Tiger Lily Absolutely Runnin Code





      Absolutely Runnin Code  

(Kingsmark Get Smart of Absolutely and Absolutelybella Miranda)



A daughter of our stunning girl, Absolutely Miranda, "RUNNER" is simply one of the most intriguing and beautiful cats we have.   Her structure is excellent.  She has a lovely light background with those beautiful-huge black outlined rosettes.   Did I say HUGE rosettes!   She is also heavily glittered on every inch of her body.   She has a beautiful head and ear set, lovely length of body, and a dense-heavy bone so needed in the female bengals of today.   Like her mother and grandmother,  RUNNER has everything one should always strive for in a bengal breeding program.     One of the best mother's we have, she raises her little ones with a gentle touch.   She is a kind girl; smart, big, and beautiful!                                              

      2017 & 2018   HCM Negative   Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM   

                                            PK Normal N/N    PRA Normal N/N                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



       Absolutely Tiger Lily    

                (Absolutely Buy Bust x Absolutely Nala)


                          What a gift this beautiful mink snow "Lily" is to our breeding program and we look forward to some stunning little ones from her soon.  She has been special from the tip of her    lovely tail to her beautiful whisker pads from the moment she was born!   We simply cannot wait for it to "snow" again here at Absolutely Bengals!      

April 2018   HCM Negative  Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM

                                   PRA Negative N/N     PK Negative N/B





 Absolutely  AKA Jammer

                     (Absolutely Dillinger and Absolutelybella Miranda)       

From the moment Jammer was born we knew she would stay with us here at Absolutely.   She exhibits what we work so hard for in our breeding program; a beautiful head and body, lovely bone with correct movement and structure, and those stunning HUGE rosettes with black-black-black outlines!   Jammer is the smart girl of the group!   Always thinking and I swear she plans her day around me in the office and Walt in the kitchen = simply the best supervisor around!    All of this wrapped in tons of glitter  and a sweet, sweet heart!


   2015, 2016, 2017, 2018   HCM Negative     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS,  DACVIM   

                                                                PK Negative N/N    PRA Negative  N/N           






     Leap of Faith Jumpin Bail   

Huge thanks to Angie Moreland for sending this born supervisor to us here at Absolutely Bengals!   This youngster stepped out of her travel carrier and talked her way into our hearts!   She has a great sense of humor, is smart as a whip, and instantly became one of the girls.   Stunningly beautiful with her creamy background, large black outlined mahogany rosettes, and adorable face, we can hardly wait to see "Bailey" babies here at Absolutely!




        2018   HCM Negative     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS,  DACVIM   

                                                                 PK Negative N/N    PRA Negative  N/N     






Below are girls that played a tremendous part in our lives and hearts and helped us find the way

We thought you would  enjoy looking at the beautiful "Absolutely" girls we will always love.



Absolutely Kojak

(KungsgardenCats Solaris and Absolutelybella Miranda)


 We crossed our fingers for a long time that our beautiful girl "Miranda" and our stunning boy "Solaris" would share such a lovely daughter with us.   Still a youngster, "KOJAK is all we could have hoped for.   She is totally fearless and loves everyone she meets.   She has a wonderful pattern with huge rosettes and great color!   Tons of glitter and a short, short, did I say SHORT, velvety coat ... what more could we ask for.   Just the total package ... K O J A K.                    









2018   HCM Negative     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS,  DACVIM   

                                                        PK Negative N/N    PRA Negative  N/N   




        Absolutelybella Miranda

                            "YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT"

Ohhhhhhhhhh, but of course we can't.   Our long time, joyful, collaboration with Bella Bengals (Paul and Nancy Dickman) always produces exceptional cats BUT this girl is a stunner in every way!   We cannot keep our thoughts quiet :)    Miranda is as loving as she is beautiful.   From her perfect head (straight on and profile), her tremendous-flowing spotting pattern, to the end of that short-fat to die for tail ... MIRANDA is correct.   It's that simple.  

                                                                                 Miranda once again keeps us all moving forward in our quest of that "purrrrrrfect" Bengal and ohhhhh how close she is!







 2015, 2016  HCM Negative    Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM       

                                       PK Normal N/N      PRA Normal N/N                                                                                                                                                                        



     Bella Absolutely Mystic Rose      

           (Absolutely Teenage Crush x Bella Store Me Weather)

Rosey is another one of those simply magical kittens!   She is from the last and final breeding between Absolutely Teenage Crush and Bella Store Me Weather.    Rosey has a very coppery-red background  with inky black spots.   She has an incredible t-shirt white tummy  and a stunning correct profile.   She loves every person that comes to visit at Absolutely!

                ENJOY OUR ROSE WITH NO THORNS                         


2014, 2015, 2016  HCM Negative     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM        

                                         PK Normal    N/N   PRA Normal N/N    




 Absolutely Anna Sage    


A litter mate/sister to our beautiful "On Safari" winning boy, "Absolutely Ten Most Wanted", the gorgeous red-head ANNA SAGE  is stunning from the tip of her gorgeous nose and big amber eyes to the end of her jet black tail tip!  

With her large rosettes and body dripping with glitter, ANNA SAGE is not only excellent in her structure but a super loving member of our family.   She is a terrific mother and her babies take after her;  gorgeous, smart and oh-so adventurous!!








  March 2017  HCM Negative  Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM                                                                                                           PK Negative N/N    PRA Negative  N/N                                                      




        EnchantedTails Cagney of Absolutely




""CAGNEY" ... the minute I saw her as a kitten I was simply fascinated with her stunning color and structure!.  With a beautiful creamy colored background and her "irish Red" rosettes ... how could one not be just fascinated with this gorgeous bengal girl!   She has a beautiful head and ear set, FABULOUS whiskerpads, rounded little ears, and an athletic body with muscles on muscles!   She is a stunning addition to our breeding program and has given us wonderful show quality kittens.   With her beautiful honey-blonde coat and gorgeous big amber eyes, CAGNEY is our kind and gentle soul ...  beautiful all the way around!!







2017 & 2018   HCM Negative     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM    

                                       PK Negative N/N    PRA Negative  N/N




  Absolutely Snickerdoodle          

                (Absolutely Da Cookie Monsta x Absolutely Hollow Point)     

"SNICKER" is our beautiful daughter of Absolutely Da Cookie Monsta and the stunning Absolutely Hollow Point.   She is a litter sister to our boy Absolutely Da Macaroon.  This beautiful girl matured into everything we were hoping for.   She has impeccable temperament and is always happy and full of joy.   She has a great sense of humor along with being super smart!   "Snicker" has beautiful dark outlined rosettes, tons of glitter, with correct head and body, and that fabulous tummy which she will share with anyone!   



    2015, 2016  HCM Negative     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM   

                                    PK Normal N/N   PRA Normal N/N





 Mainstreet Joey of Absolutely         

               (RW SGC Mainstreet Lonestar x Mainstreet Lady Bug)                 

Joey's father is the stunning Supreme Grand Champion Mainstreet's Lonestar.   "LS" was 2012 #2 Bengal Kitten in the Southwest Region,  #3 Bengal Cat in the Southwest Region and 2012 #21 Bengal ALL Regions.   Need we say more :)    Joey's mother is the beautiful Mainstreet Lady Bug.   We have waited a long time to enjoy this "Mainstreet" girl and we just can't thank our good friends Rick & Debbie Corns enough for allowing us to have Joey!






2014 HCM Normal     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM        

                PK Normal    N/N




          Absolutely Thin Line Echo               

                    (SGC Absolutely Category Five x Absolutely Hollow Point)

For the last breeding of our Supreme Grand Champion Absolutely Category Five we chose the stunning girl Absolutely Hollow Point.   She gave us the breathtaking girl we call Absolutely Thin Line Echo.   "ECHO" is one of the most beautiful girls we have produced.    She has a beautiful topline and gorgeous light underside.   Very red in color (like both her mom and dad), "Echo" has lots dark outlined rosettes and tons of glitter.    Like both her mom and dad, "Echo" is gentle and kind while remaining joyous and playful!




 PK Normal N/K

 2015 HCM Normal     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM




    Bella Absolutely NYPD Blue       

(Bella Ebb Tide x Bella Velvet Storm)


                                                                                                                        We have long been a HUGE fan of the beauiful new bengal color "blue".  

Every inch of their stunning steel-grey background with dark blue-black colored rosettes to their incredible peachy face, ears, and feet simply leaves one fascinated with mother nature.    "Boo" as she is affectionately known, will not only produce this stunning new color but she will also share some stunning brown spotted babies too! 

2014 HCM Normal     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM        

                PK Normal    N/N






            Absolutely Hollow Point  (also known as "Popcorn")

     (Mainstreet Cognac x Absolutely Felony Stop)

In every way, "POPCORN" is simply our favorite  beautiful hot-red colored girl.  With her lovely whited tummy and stunning perfect head, she is a very large girl with super bone and  dark outlined two tone rosettes.  "Poppy" has an incredible short-pelted type coat with glitter, glitter and more glitter!  A daughter of the incredible Mainstreet Cognac and our beautiful retired Absolutely Felony Stop, please ... ...






2014 HCM Normal     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM

               PK Normal     N/N





           Absolutely The Edge of Glory

                (Absolutely Da Cookie Monsta x Kungsgarden Mini Cooper of Absolutely)

"Glory" is a beautiful golden girl and the daughter of our wonderful Swedish girl "Mini Cooper" and our boy "Da Cookie Monsta"     We just cannot even begin to tell you what a wonderful girl she is.   With her fabulous profile and small rounded ears to the tip of her short, fat tail ...



HCM Normal

               PK Normal  N/N 





    Kungsgarden Mini Cooper of Absolutely

   Our Gorgeous Swedish Girl



 How extremely proud and excited we are to have this stunning daughter of International Supreme Grand Champion Absolutely Super Cooper join us back here  at Absolutely Bengals!    Traveling all the way from Sweden and the outstanding cattery of Ullis Lindblom Granlid (KUNGSGARDEN CATS) "Mini" is as joyful and exciting as she is beautiful.   With her perfect profile, beautiful golden coat and black rosettes, she has already made herself at home.   The supervisor of all the girls, we are expecting nothing less than breath taking kittens from this flashy Swedish girl.     We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to have Mini with us and also the trust and wonderful friendship we have with Ullis ... simply our best "far away" friend!!!       

HCM Normal 2010, 2011, 2012 Dr. Kathryn Meuers, DVM, PhD, DACVM 

PK Normal  N/N






           Kungsgardencats Absolutely Code Four

(Fairychiasma  Heart Lover of Kungsgardencats  x  Int. Ch Mainstreet California Sundowner of Kungsgardencats)

                It was love at first site and the wait for this special "Swedish Girl" to arrive in Idaho seemed like it took f o r e v e r !!   She came to us from our VERY special friend in Sweden, Ullis Lindblom-Granlid at Kungsgarden Cats.   From the moment "Cody" was born we simply could not take our eyes off her and you know, we still can't!   "Cody" has that sought after black spotting pattern with just HUGE rosettes.   She is simply dripping with glitter and honestly is as kind as she is beautiful.   "Cody" is a very large girl   and we are  certainly she will produce simply breath-taking babies.   We can hardly wait for her first little ones to arrive.   We will be forever greatful to Ullis for parting with this STUNNING girl!!       







PK Normal N/N

 2015 HCM Normal     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM              





Bella Jet Stream of Absolutely

(Absolutely Teenage Crush x Bella Store Me Weather)



We are proud to have co-bred & co-own this beautiful golden eyed girl with Nancy & Paul (BELLA Bengals).   From her perfect head down to her WHITE tummy ... this girl has it ALL!  She is a stunning lightly colored background girl with dark rosettes, lots of glitter and is an "Absolutely Teenage Crush" daughter.   She is the litter sister to the jaw droppin boy Supreme Grand Champion Bella Storm Strike of Maracaja and the gorgeous boy that makes his home in the Netherlands, Champion Bella  Storm Pilot.

       PK Normal  N/N        


 HCM Negative 2012   Dr. Kathryn Meuers, DVM, PhD, DACVM




Absolutely Crime Wave                   




                              2014 HCM Normal     Dr. Pamela Lee, DVM, MS, DACVIM    

                                           PK Normal N/N  





 Absolutely Twist of Fate

 (Mainstreet Storm Warning x Absolutely Enchanted Image)



 Twister has consistently produced TOP winning cats!!

She is the mother of  the 2011 French Best Cat "SGC Absolutely Walk This Way" and the beautiful Quad Grand Champion "Absolutely Here Comes The Son" as well as our stunning cover girl "Absolutely Tropical Storm and the breath-taking "Absolutely Kungsgarden Sweet Marie".   If you are looking for a top show prospect ... keep your eye out for Twister Kittens!!!

We continually await each litter she shares with anticipation and awe.

   HCM Negative 2008, 2009,  2010   Dr. Kathryn Meuers, DVM, PhD, DACVM

          PK Normal  N/N                             




Absolutely Touch n Glow          

                     (TGC Drinkwater Power To Impress x Absolutely Enchanted Image)                    



Our beautiful girlAbsolutely Touch n Glow,  represents years of breeding for outstanding health, correct type and temperament, and a combination of the best Bengal bloodlines available today .  She is the dam of Supreme Grand Champions as well as "auntie" to the International Supreme Grand  Champion Absolutely Super Cooper.   She has breath taking color with a correct pattern, outstanding acreage and huge rosettes, and wonderful movement and structure.  "Tug" as she is affectionately known is gentle, kind and has never met a stranger she didn't kiss!   She consistently produces BIG kittens that are healthy and have joyous and naturally showable attitudes!

HCM Negative 2008, 2009,  2010   Dr. Kathryn Meuers, DVM, PhD, DACVM 

  PK Normal  N/N





                  Absolutely Stainless Passion of Bella

                              (Mainstreet Steely Dan of Absolutely x Absolutely Twist of Fate)           


     We are so proud to have bred this stunning silver girl.    She is the daughter of the 2006 On Safari Breeder's Choice BEST KITTEN "Mainstreet Steely Dan of Absolutely" and of course the incredible top producing "Absolutely Twist of Fate".  


   HCM Normal 2009, 2010   Dr Kathryn Meuers, DVM, PhD, DACVM

           PK Normal  N/N






            (SGC Absolutely Category Five x Absolutely Twist of Fate)


"Bengals Illustrated"  Cover Girl!

  HCM Negative   2010,    Dr. Kathryn Meuers, DVM, PhD, DACVM 

          PK Normal N/N





Absolutely Felony Stop

          (Absolutely Teenage Crush x Absolutely Touch n Glow)






   Absolutely Tomorrow's Jewel        

                 (TGC Drinkwater Power To Impress x Absolutely Enchanted Image)               


"Tomorrow" is a littermate to our beautiful "Absolutely Touch n Glow" and the mother of the outstanding International and Supreme Grand Champion Absolutely Super Cooper of Kungsgarden.   She is now retired and running the household of our good friend Lynne Lewis of von den Hoehenluft German Shepherd Dogs.     Since our passion also includes the German Shepherd Dog,  we thought it was only appropriate that we share Tomorrow and her "talents of puppy sitting"  with Lynne.   Please visit her and the fabulous working dogs of Hoehenluft.





    Absolutely Storm Keeper      

                 (Mainstreet Storm Warning and Absolutely Touch n Glow)       


                     A full sister (repeat breeding) to our beautiful Supreme Grand Champion Absolutely Category Five and the top producing Absolutely Taken By Storm of Mainstreet, "Keeper" is also the dam of 2009 On Safari BEST CAT (Bengal Congress) Champion Absolutely Thunder Road of Bella.   She is now living a life of luxury on the Washington Coast and not a day passes that we do not miss her dearly but we are forever greatful that she was a part of our lives here at Absolutely.           




     Absolutely Enchanted Image     

              (Mainstreet Hot Spots of Absolutely x Absolutely Pandora's Spots)   


    This foundation Absolutely girl played such a pivotal role in the creation of so many of the gorgeous stars we have produced to date.    She is the mother of our top producing Absolutely Twist of Fate, Absolutely Touch n Glow, and of course Absolutely Tomorrow's Jewel.   "IMI" took one of her daughter with her and found a beautiful forever home but she always remains here in our hearts, our breeding program, and the wonderful daughters that are still here with us.







        Absolutely Pandora's Spots  

                   (Asiankingdom Zulekin of Absolutely x Absolutely Code Red)             




"Panda" was way before her time with her beautiful red color, big rosetted pattern, soft velvety pelt, and her intense glitter.   She had a lovely head and profile which she gave to all her sons and daughters.   We think of her often as we watch our little "Panda" great-great-great-great grandkids be born!!






Absolutely Stainless Seduction Absolutely Love Potion Absolutely Black Magic Woman

Life would have never been the same without our beautiful silver girls.  

We loved them dearly and are happy they have found their forever homes, families to care for and children to raise!





     Bella YYY Deelilah

 (Bella Cobalt Grey Ghost x Absolutely Stainless Passion ) 






      Absolutely Three Ring Circus

(Asiankingdom Zulekin of Absolutely x Absolutely Tangerine Steam)






F4 Absolutely Wild Rose

(Champion Illuzions Kotton Forcast x F3 Absolutely Cayenne)

Our beautiful F4 Mink Snow Girl





F4 Absolutely All About Saphire

(Marmorata Absolutely Court Jester x F3 Navajo's Olivia of Absolutely)

Another simply stunning snow  girl 






F3 Absolutely Cayenne

(Quad Grand Champion Pennytone Jasper of Absolutely x F2 New Horizon Natalie of Absolutely)






   F2 Bengal Palace Curry of Absolutely

(Triple Grand Champion Gogees Thunderbolt of BengalPalace x F1 Bundas Onyx of Bengal Palace)







    F2 Newhorizon Winter Ember of Absolutely      

               (Joykatz  Silk n Lace of New Horizon x F1 Newhorizon's Leapole Harts A Fire)






    F2 New Horizon's Natalie of Absolutely

                  (Junglebook Bengaltown  USA x F1 New Horizon Pretty Lady Buffee  )  






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