ABSOLUTELY BENGALS and our spotted obsession began in 1986. Our goals remain the same now as they were then use only superior quality foundation Bengals so that we can maintain a sound breeding program which consistently produces genetically healthy, happy, outgoing show and loving home companion cats and kittens.   

           Sometimes it's just about sharing

Ayden and Twister




Or Having A Best Friend

Junior Paulo and Mr. Twister


     Marcello and Mr. Twister


Ian and Bangles

Or "raising" a new baby

Anastasia and Leo

Enjoying Quiet Times

Anais and Bullet

Or Simply Being Best Friends Forever

                                        Ennio and "Isis"                                              


Luda and Mr. Twister


"Loki and Kuri" (courtesy of Lisa & Paul)

Donovan Stovall's

Elvis and Priscilla




Properly raised and socialized Bengal kittens can go to "show and tell" at school, do therapy work, make themselves obnoxiously pesky with company.  They can supervise in the kitchen, shower with anyone they please, and hog most of the good bed space! "Absolutely" babies are born where mom decides is the most ideal spot and they remain as our family members until they choose their new families.

Breeding and raising Bengals is our HOBBY and NOT our business so we do not "need" to sell you a cat! We are dedicated to helping sincere Bengal lovers obtain these wonderful spotted friends (even without taking out that second mortgage)! We spend all our waking hours with our adults and babies enhancing their love of life, play, and fondness for people so they easily make the bonding transition with all their new family members.    Walt and I feel blessed each day that mother nature continues to share her talents with all of us that choose to live with these remarkable spotted friends.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about us, our babies, or if you would just like to "chat cats". We would love to help you find what you are looking for.









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Walt Richard and Gail Sanford- Richard

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

(208) 667 7926

E-Mail: waldo@absolutelybengals.com



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